Как выбрать матрас?

When you choose a mattress you should pay attention to its main features. There are size of mattress, fillers and hardness

1. Which mattress is called an orthopedic mattress?

It’s a mattress that supports the right (healthy) body shape, in which our spine takes a physiologically correct position.

This mattress should be flexible and resilient to support the body, allowing the muscles to relax. It should be good aerated to allow air and moisture, and doesn’t accumulate it.

2. The main function of the orthopedic mattress.

The support is ability to keep the weight of the body and hold your back straight while you sleep. It can avoid you from back pain. The support function in the mattress provides the foundation of mattress that is spring or latex block.

3. Spring and springless models of mattresses.

A spring mattress can consist from spring blocks "Bonnell" where each springs are closely connected in coil or a spring block with independent springs, each of which is placed in a separate bag and operates independently of the other springs. Thus, the independent springs provide a "personal touch" to different parts of the human body. This mattress allows the spine to remain in a natural position during the rest. Spring mattresses have additional layers, which are responsible for product properties such as: softness, stiffness, elasticity, etc. Some models have multiple zones of elasticity and extremely comfortable to use. Mattress with independent springs is perfect for two people at the same time sleeping on one mattress, because there is no effect of the "wave" in which the movement of one person through vibrations on the surface of the mattress feels the second. In this way, two person which rest on a mattress with independent springs pair, will not disturb each other.

4. Fillers are in the orthopedic mattress.

The classic fillers are thermo-felt, polyurethane foam, padding polyester, wool. The modern fillers are natural latex, lateksform, coconut coir, a layer of «Memory» (material with memory effect).

Mattresses secondary and higher categories should have a system of microclimate - 3D Aerosystem, which provides good air circulation within the mattress construction. Special and unique part of the design is a three-dimensional aeroribbon, integrated into the side of the mattress around the perimeter.

5. What hardness of mattress is right for you?

The soft orthopedic mattresses are mattresses with resilient and flexible fillers. Soft mattresses suitable for those who are used to sleeping on the side, and they can also be recommended for people with problems of the lumbar spine. The soft mattresses provide the necessary support and have high orthopedic properties, despite of its high elasticity.

Mattresses of medium hardness have excellent support properties by combining the elastic and rigid fillers, such as latex and coconut coir. This mattress is perfect for those who like to sleep on back.

The hardness orthopedic mattresses have the most part of coconut coir fillers. These mattresses provide good support in the pelvic and cervical spine.

6. The size of the mattress.

The size of the mattress may be slightly different from the size indicated on the label by the use of elastic materials in the product. This difference is not a defect and fits to acceptable standards.

Taking a final decision, you should listen your personal fillings. You should choose a mattress, which provide your relax more comfortable.

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