“Pocket Spring”

Pocket spring unit is the base for spring mattresses which provides with high orthopedic and anatomical properties. Typically these springs are barrel-shaped. The main advantage of this unit is that each spring is storing in a separate pouch of nonwoven and not rigidly fixed to the next one. It eliminates the vibrations and due to the influence of each spring on the body the pressure is distributed evenly over the entire area. This system provides a "personal touch" to different parts of the human body. It gives special orthopedic features to the mattress.

Spring unit “Bonnel”

The block of twisted five-coiled springs. This design allows to springs evenly distribute the load and keep the correct posture during your rest.

Coconut coir

For sure natural, environmentally friendly material that is made of coconut fibers. With its antibacterial properties coir does not rot even at high humidity conditions and maintain an elasticity. Coconut coir is anti-allergenic material and is used as one of the most rigid fillers for the mattresses.

Natural needle felt fillers

Wool filler contains natural wool fibers held together by needle-punched method. It is used in filling the mattress from a winter side, it has thermoregulation properties that support the body temperature.

Cotton filler contains natural cotton fibers held together by needle-punched method. It is used in filling the mattress from a summer part to dissipate the heat generated by the sleeping man.

Natural needle felt fillers consist of natural fibers of different compositions. It gives more comfort and convenience features.

Natural latex

Eco-friendly material, made from natural rubber tree sap. High elasticity due to the natural rubber. Excellent support and ergonomic features. Also natural rubber latex has following features: self-ventilation, wear resistance, anti-allergenic and hygienic. The most commonly is used for the production of luxury mattresses.


This eco-friendly material is deservedly considered as one of the most durable and strong. Used in orthopedic mattress as an insulator of soft layer to spring block. It has two functional load: do not allow pillowtop mattress affect the soft layer, preventing premature wear, and provides additional flexibility and strength to orthopedic mattress. Also it provides uniform load distribution across the mattress.