About the company

Neolux is a company that has successfully established itself in the market of Ukraine, CIS and East Europe. Our company is the most powerful full-cycle production of mattresses, pillows and accessories for sleep. Our facilities are equipped with high-tech equipment which helps to ensure that during the development and creation innovative new models we complete them with only the best components. The company has its own production of springs, manufacturing Bonnell spring units and Pocket Spring. The developed system of logistics and warehousing can meet the needs of customers in our products as quickly as possible. The current system of trade marketing activity provides a continuing interest in the products of end-customers which is the most important factor for the development of our business as well as for the potential for the development of our business partners. The company was certified according to the European system of quality management ISO 9001, and the product itself was marked by the award-winning "European Quality", "Highest probe", "Golden Mercury", etc.. The company Neolux is also involved in all the advanced world exhibitions.

Neolux is a leader in the field of advanced technology and ergonomic solutions. For maximum comfort and ease of transportation of the mattresses we use a unique technology of vacuum packing (series Neoflex). Neolux mattresses are made with the use of technology «HOT-MELT» - harmless to the health of the bonding flooring which uses nontoxic materials and solvents.

One of the main competitive advantages of the company are ultramodern designer fabrics that have the properties of thermoregulation and contain all the necessary components for a healthy sleep. All products of our company has a protective plastic packaging labeled and label that allows you to not only protect the mattress from dirt and external influences. We are constantly developing company, in technical terms our production always complies not only with the day today but also tomorrow. We study the dynamics of the market and trends in consumer preferences, to give our customers a product that is able to satisfy not only rational but also emotional needs of the client. We take into account the aesthetic and technological expectations of customers depending on the region of residence and local traditions, which guarantees the relevance of our products for the most discerning buyer.